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If you have read my story Skewed, then you probably have seen in it that I like to make references, because I'm having a lot of fun writing this story, and all the rules are thrown out the window. I have referenced Final Fantasy 4, Yu-Gi-Oh, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, the Key products Kanon, Air, and Clannad, among various things, and have plans to reference several more things. I also have references to my own works, characters I created for the AnacondaSoftware titles.

Amusing to me, however, are references that would mean anything only to me. I haven't used any of those in the actual story, because that would be no fun, but in my notes for the story the game's completely different. Most amusing, however, is one I just passed by while adding and reading over my notes for future stories, a very vague reference that I just entered in without even thinking of it when I originally created the card.

The reference is the name of a card in my StoryLines file for Skewed. The card is simply named "Island", and references a scene that takes place in a basement of a building, completely unrelated. The actual reference that
"Island" means, however, was related to a story idea I got in 2005 in a dream while I was in vacation in Colorado. I woke up from the dream, booted up my notebook, typed out how one particular scene played out that was most prominent, and then entered the rest of the details quickly to that file so I could remember them later when I got around to finishing it, then saved the file as simply "Island" because I couldn't think of a name, but the story took place on an island. The conclusion of the scene I typed up completely took place in a similar place to where I was having this card's section of story take place, in a basement of a building, and the situations between the two were almost the same, so I stuck "Island" on there when I made the card so I knew what I was describing for the place. Because I can simply look at that, and know exactly what I want to describe of that place in Skewed.

I never actually did write any more of that story at that time, and as yet I've only written the introduction to that story beyond that. Once PivotX hit's gold I'm going to upgrade to it, and it's new features should make it fairly easy to integrate my writings with this blog seamlessly, so you should see it and other stories in the future.

Date posted: 12 April, 2008
Tags: anacondasoftware anime skewed travel video_games writing
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