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Every so often I get the urge to find an old game series I had played at my elementary school. The name of the series was something like "Twist-a-plots" or "Twist-a-plotz", I don't remember exactly. What I do remember was there were a bunch of them, with different topics.

One I remember was a murder mystery game based on the Wizard of Oz storyline. Another was a side platformer with a black background, which involved exploring a castle or mansion or something to the affect. Another one involved a loosely isometric perspective that involved going through a forest, and had I believe an hourglass in the corner and might have involved time travel. Another one was a side platformer with two chapters, it had a blue background and involved going through a museum, something about Neopolitan ice cream, and for sure involved time travel, with the first chapter trying to find the password to the time travel machine, which, as I recall, was "Byzantine". Another one had something to do with the great plains, and showed a map of the western US. The only one I can actually remember the name of was "Shot Heard 'Round the World", which had something to do with the event the title refers to. There were several more games but I don't remember them. The last one I do remember was something involving the CIA or something and computer hacking, but that game was installed bad on our school network and didn't work.

The only problem with finding these is they are missing from the internet. Every time I try to search for anything related to them, there is no result. I don't know if they were by a local Utah company or something, whatever it is, however, they simply don't exist on the internet from what I can find. My only point of contact that would know, my 3rd grade teacher Mr. Brown, who was also the network admin and had the disks to be able to reinstall the games when they were bad (the aforementioned one with the hacker seemed to have a bad floppy as well because we tried reinstalling it a couple times that year but it still didn't work) no longer works at the school. I don't know anyone else that might remember them, leaving my only resource being the Internet.

If anyone knows the names of the games, and the manufacturer, please, let me know so I can find them.

Date posted: 22 September, 2008
Tags: software video_games
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