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A few days ago I noticed that Blender has started experimental support for 3D devices, or rather devices with six degrees of freedom. Back in December when I first bought a Wiimote (quite before I actually got a Wii), I had wanted to write a plugin to use the Wiimote with Blender. But I upgraded to Vista, my bluetooth adapter didn't have drivers yet, and that idea was scrapped.

Catching back up to the now, the devices they were working on to add the support are the SpaceNavigators by 3DConnexion, a fairly cheap device compared to some I've seen. Reviews on it great everywhere, I decided to buy one. I bid on (and subsequently won) one on eBay, hoping to get it cheaper than the $60 retail price. Yesterday, drlouis on Notebook Forums linked me to a special deal on it that he found, which was equal to the price I had my bid at on eBay, and then had an addition $10 off of that for signing up a Google Checkout account, bringing it down to half the retail price.

Since I won the auction I wasn't able to get it at the $10 less price, but since it was still cheaper than the retail I wasn't too disappointed. The one review on struck me as pretty humorous, however, when I read the following line.

"I first was too agressive with my movements. Once you seattle down to small controlled movements the screen responds to very subtile movements of the controller for all pan, zoom and rotatations."

Do you see what is wrong there?

Usually, its very possible to use a location as a personality generalization. May or may not be entirely accurate, but its used quite often. But his mistyping of 'settle' doesn't quite make sense in this case.

Unless he wanted it taken literally, and he meant he was raining on the device to make it better for him to control.

Date posted: 12 September, 2007
Tags: computer software spelling words
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