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A Failure

Buying the mouse I mentioned yesterday isn't my only current activity on eBay. I also have a pile of some Pokemon TCG singles from the latest set that I had intended on listing, but so far I had only listed one because I had been distracted.

A couple days ago I decided to list another one. I pretty much duplicated my previous one's entry, which in itself was just a little bit of text added upon the default template. Scrolling through the page making sure my options were all set properly, my Google Toolbar's spell check pointed out the following mistake:

"Buyer must notify me of a return they are going to make within 7 days, otherwise returns will not be accepted. Buyer is responsible for paying for the shipping back to me. Once return is recieved, full refund (including original shipping charges) will be sent."

Now I don't recall typing that description out, but I'm not entirely sure. I think it was something it provided for me as part of a template. I presume I would have noticed it from my toolbar if I had typed it out. However, be it their or my mistake, it isnt the only place where I have found it on eBay. This link shows it as the title of a security alert, and is the first result you get from searching Google for it (right under the link it gives you to correct your spelling.) If you notice, right below it in the actual body of the alert, it is correctly spelled. Numerous other places on their forums it is present, and all in all Google reports "about 7,170,000 from for recieved."

A rampant misspelling, surprising its so prolific. Especially since practially everyone should know the little rhyme "I before E except after C" that clearly shows its correct letter order.

Date posted: 13 September, 2007
Tags: anecdote internet spelling words
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