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So over the weekend I traded off with my mom staying with my brother up at the hospital. I brought my notebook with me, and planned on remoting in to my machine at home to do some work on another update for Skewed before it becomes October and I get to working on my Halloween story (which I'll introduce at that time). Figured this wouldn't be a problem, as they said they had wireless there and the hospital is on University of Utah campus, which has crazy fast internet, being an original part of ARPANET and all.

But the internet had other plans for me. Apparently, by some cruel fate, whoever set up the wireless there decided to use 802.11g wireless routers, to connect something barely faster than dialup. Testing my speeds, I was peaking at 256kbps download.

I was planning on streaming my music collection over the internet to listen to, and sharing it with Notebook Forums members as a temporary 'Radio Conda', so I left my Zune at home. I didn't have anywhere close to enough speed to successfully remote into my home machine, which prevented me from turning on any music streaming, leaving me with no music from home. I also couldn't keep a stable connection to any streaming radio providers, leaving me with no music from elsewhere. No music period. In addition to this, I had a devil of a time trying to transfer over anything from my home machine, because of the great diffuculty of trying to remote in, so I couldn't grab anything to work on. And, as I discovered to my great dismay, I had brought my DS with me to play Final Fantasy 3, but the game was damaged and could not be read.

And to make matters worse, the machines they had set up in a couple places in the building for public use connected to the ethernet had 40,000+kbps download.

I was very much enraged.

Date posted: 24 September, 2007
Tags: anecdote computer internet music video_games
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