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It is now the end of the year, and so its time to reflect over the last year, and make new year resolutions.

One thing I have noticed over the last year is my changing in my regular internet habits. More and more, I get my news from blog sites nowadays, rather than other news sources. Engadget for tech news, Joystiq and it's subsidiaries for gaming news, Phoronix for Linux and video card news, and a growing collection of MSDN Team Blogs for Windows and programming news. I rarely venture to the aggregate collections such as Google News anymore, I just continually watch blogs for news. I've also become more involved, with this blog here of course, intentions on making the AnacondaSoftware DevBlog possibly the bulk of the main site, and commenting a lot more on blogs for communication.

The face of the internet changes, and things move forward. Onwards to 2008!

Date posted: 31 December, 2007
Tags: anacondasoftware computer internet software video_games
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